Create an iMix

An iMix is a playlist that you’ve chosen to publish and make avail- able to others in the iTunes Music Store. To get your music to surface and be discovered more, cre- ate an iMix (or many many iMixes) with a few of your own songs (say three or so) and other songs (we suggest 9 or so) by more popular artists in the same genre. These iMixes will surface at the other artist’s album iTunes pages as well your own, allowing a fan of the other band to discover you.

In addition, give your iMix an interesting name (as opposed to “Cool Songs I Like”), name it something like, “Music to Break Up To,” or “Songs that Morrisey Wishes He Could Write.” Clever titles catch peoples’ attention.

The more iMixes you seed into iTunes, the higher the probability you will be discovered.

Rate Your iMix

iTunes allows anyone to rate an iMix with between zero and five stars. Have as many people as you can rate your iMix with five stars. High-rated iMixes get more attention and end up on album pages. Check out the “iMix Notes” field. Take a few moments to write something and talk about your play list. A great description combined with a high rating will increase the odds someone will discover and check our your play list.

Album Reviews & Ratings

STATISTIC: Albums in iTunes with customer reviews sell 33% more than albums without them. Be sure to rate your own album 5 stars, and when you review it: that’s a great place to describe the album and the sound. If you happen to have reviews about your music (from blogs or magazines), you can re-type them here.

In addition, ask your fans and friends to write reviews—the more reviews the better! Reviews add legitimacy and influence purchases.

In your review, think about what might make someone curious aboutyour music. For example, posting a review that says, “Dude, this rocks” will have little impact. A review that says, “ This reminds me of The Beatles if they had Jimmy Page as their lead guitar and Chris Martin backing up John Lennon,” will cause a lot more interest.

Get creative and thoughtful with what you write. Consider what would cause you to listen to a song. Also note, iTunes lets its user decide if a review was “Useful.” If you write an interesting review and then have your friends, fans and family indicate the review was useful, the review has a better chance of being the first one people see when they reach your page in iTunes.



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