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You can send album reviews or playlists or iMixes to anyone from within iTunes via the iTunes “Tell A Friend” option. Just click on the “Tell A Friend” link in the iTunes store (located next to the album art), enter an email address and iTunes does the rest. This is a great way to communicate with fans that signed up for your email list that you have a new album or song out. It’s also a great way to get more people to rate your review and/or iMix and help these to surface more.

iTunes Affiliate Program

With the free iTunes Affiliate Program, you can link and sell your own music (or anyone’s else in the iTunes store) via any Web page or email. With each sale from iTunes that originates from your affiliate link, you will earn a 5% commission on all qualifying revenue generated (IMPORTANT: terms apply, so be sure to check them out). This means that off of each qualifying sale, you will get paid a percentage of the money paid to iTunes by an iTunes customer, if that customer came from your affiliate link.

In addition, the iTunes “buy” button next to your song on your own website, blog, etc is recognizable and might add further legitimization to you as an important artist. The affiliate program auto-generates links for you. All you have to do is place them on any Web page or within an email(s). It’s a simple and very effective way to sell your music. After all, most people going to your home page or receiving your emails are already interested in your music and band.

To get started, visit this page:

For more information on how to become an iTunes affiliate for free and how to use the program, visit

Make Easy Weblinks to Your Music

iTunes has recently added a feature that makes it easier for you to easily create web links directly to your content in the iTunes Store. You can link directly to any artist/band page using the convention: and you can also link directly to albums/singles using the convention:

Here are a couple examples:

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