Video: Sell Your Music With a Story

Bob Merlis is the owner of Merlis For Hire, an independent publicity firm based out of Los Angeles. Bob emphasizes how important and helpful it can be for an artist to have a story about their band that their publicist can use as an angle for garnering press coverage.

You don't need to be John Mellencamp to have a story. What is your artist story and how has it helped you to get people to listen to your music? 

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  • Great relevant story for everyone trying to make it in the music business.

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  • LV

    JOHN FREAKIN MELLENCAMP- I’m 100% sure it wasn’t a garage, no more than MOTOWN was a basement and STAX was a theater. The reality is it’s MELLENCAMP, the album sounds NOTHING like garage rock. It sounds like top dollar, sugar coated blandness like the rest of his career. He would have done MUCH better in a real garage.
    For a MUCH better example of a story BUILDING the myth and fame of an artist, look at BON IVER’s debut- recorded in a cabin in WISCONSIN after a nasty breakup- EVERYONE recounts that story, and, you know what- THE ALBUM sounds like that and the STORY actually built his career rather than let him just coast like this MELLENCAMP feature.
    It would be really cool to hear from someone who actually built a real effective press junket from almost nothing rather than this tool. Thanks a lot for that insight, SPAGHETTI MAN.

  • I sell my music by Tunecore as : 36
    This is my story
    36 Days To Work For U2 – My Story