After weeks spent listening closely to every track sent for consideration, Paul Barker (Ministry producer, co-writer, engineer, and bass player) has selected both Deadly Apples and Voltergeist to be on the companion album of FIX – THE MINISTRY MOVIE. The album tracklist will include bands like Tool and Soundgarden.

A message from Paul Barker…

Hello _    (state your name aloud now)

Thank you for taking part in this idea! I am honored at the response this contest generated. Not really knowing what to expect, the number of people who signed on was shocking, but pleasantly so. And then the number of music submissions was somewhat daunting!

In spite of that number, I can say I listened to every song all the way through, whether I liked it or not. I really feel that that would be the very least I could do in light of the effort put forth by everyone. A very humbling experience.

Sitting back and listening—sounds easy, right? Yup, that was the easy part. Deciding the “best” song was not easy. In fact, I don’t even know what that means. I know what I like, you know what you like—um, that’s everything, really.

But this was a contest, and I needed to choose a winner. A winner I would then invite to allow their song to be included on a new record I’m working on. As it turns out, there are two winners, so twice the future fun…

No one involved really knew what would happen when we made those sound files available. The songs trickled in at first, then a gate seemed to open! Although I am relieved the contest is over, the build up to the finale was pretty exciting! Thanks again for participating!

Hopefully it was fun, educational, and rewarding!

-Paul Barker

Check out the winners…

Deadly Apples

Deadly Apples has been rocking the music scene in Canada since frontman Alex Martel founded the group in 2002. Known for their “wild performances and unconventional music,” they they have spent a significant amount of time on tour, playing many large-scale festivals like Toronto’s Virgin Fest, Montreal’s Heavy MTL, and most of he Quebec festival circuit. After touring for two years following the 2008 release of their album Infected, Deadly Apples has returned to the studio to record their third album, one featuring James ‘Munky’ Shaffer of Korn as a guest guitarist.


Voltergeist is Scottish producer Shaun Dowse, who previously worked under the pseudonym “Emotiquon” with co-writer James Rehill. He has been producing electronic music for 15 years, and in 2008 started his own record label, Microrave Records. He has played at Student Unions and clubs around Glasgow and Edinburgh, and in 2008 performed at The Altitude Festival in France. The inspiration for Voltergeist’s music comes from his passion for deep house, abstract electronica, minimal techno, and heavy “blissed-out” dub music. He is currently working on his debut album “Burnt & Buried”, featuring guest musical contributions from Ayrshire poet and songwriter Little Fire, Mike Hastings (Trembling Bells) and folktronica pioneer Frog Pocket (Planet Mu).


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