It’s hard to resist the charm of the jukebox.  And now, thanks to the Roqbot application for Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, you can access a jukebox from your phone and choose the tunes that play in the background of bars, restaurants, and other participating venues.

To find songs to add to the queue you can either sort through the app’s music library of 5 million licensed songs, or sync up your iPod library, profile, or favorite Facebook bands.  The venue itself has the option to allow customers to choose from the full library, or from a group of songs pre-selected by the venue to fit the establishment’s vibe.

You can add songs to the queue with credits, which are attained one of two ways: through credit card purchase, or through certain user actions like rating songs on a playlist, updating your profile, or sharing plays on your social networks. Roqbot shares paid play revenue with the venues.

If you like what’s playing you can quickly identify it through the app, and then click over to the iTunes store to make the purchase.

The list of venues that participate with the Roqbot is fast growing! You can find nearby businesses through the app’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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