The members of electro pop band Hurry! Let’s Go don’t let a little distance hinder their musical creation.  With two bandmates in Germany, and one in Minnesota, Hurry! Lets Go continues to develop new albums and videos.  Read on to find out how they use social media to market and promote their music, and why they consider MySpace  to be an important tool for music and artist discovery.

Without using the words “alternative,” “pop,” or “rock,” or “hip-hop,” describe your sound.
Our sound is a mix of electro, dance and acoustic that sounds different from anything else. Some of our first songs were more in the flow and craziness genre, but we have definitely gone through a large style change over the past year. The best way to describe our sound? Well, let’s just say it’s the Hurry! Lets Go style.

How did you get started using TuneCore for digital distribution?
I (Alan) did some research on how to sell our music on iTunes and found numerous great articles about TuneCore and how they have helped many artists sell their music and increase their fan base. Many of our friends also were using TuneCore so with the word-of-mouth going around, we signed up and have been using the site since.

Is there usually a set marketing plan you follow when you release new music?
We always tend to come out with new music around the holidays or summer time. These tend to be the happiest times of the year for us so we are able to write great music. As far as the marketing plan, first we like to hype people up by offering a free download of a song from our new album. Then once this song receives a lot of downloads and exposure, we release it as a single on iTunes. We tend not to release the best song off the album first so we have plenty of surprises when the album comes out.  Once we set the date for the album we design merch to go with the album art and use Facebook and Twitter as much as we can to promote the release date. But something I’ve learned over the years is that it’s not about how huge a band’s fan base is, it’s how the band  communicates with that fan base. Someone writes on our page, and we always reply whether what they wrote was nice or not, which helps get people more involved in our music. Even the haters turn into friends later on 🙂

How do you use social media to market and promote your music?
Social media is by far the largest way we have been promoting our music. It first started on MySpace and the good ole’ top 8 days. We used to be great friends with bands such as Never Shout Never, Owl City, Stephen Jerzak, Romance on a Rocketship, and many others. By having these relationships we helped each other out in swapping top friends, bulletins, and spreading the word everywhere online.

Do you think that MySpace is still relevant for band promotion?
MySpace used to be a greater resource, but it really has slowed down lately. To be honest, I still go to MySpace to discover new music. Not only do I still find many great bands on there, but you can also listen to full CDs on the site which is awesome. I really believe that MySpace will be a top social network in the future focused mostly on bands and music discovery.

Is there an area you place the most focus on? Live shows? Recording? Promotion?
Recording and promotion by far. It’s difficult to do live shows since the other two guys are in Germany, but when it comes to recording and promotion we spend a ton of time on those two. Peter is the main music master in Hurry! Lets Go and he is a perfectionist. I’m more into the promotion factor. I recently graduated from FSU with my degree in marketing so I really do enjoy it a lot too. Kevin is also a great producer and promoter. I’m glad to be part of such a fun team.

I read that you’re not all in the same location (or country!)  How has this changed musical creation?
To be honest many of the songs we do were created long distance! We are constantly sending files and vocals back and forth to create each song. We are working on our new album at the moment, but I am going to Germany for two weeks this summer so we will be sure to get some practice in and mastered recordings produced 🙂

What advice would you give other unsigned artists?
Just be sure you have a strategy and positive attitude in everything you do. It is not only about making money–it’s important to have FUN making music and make new friends. Hurry! Lets Go has led us to many more great things in life and we’re sure your music will too.

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