This week we’re introducing a new section that takes a look at an artist with a big week of sales. We want to spotlight this so other artists can benefit. First up, Gabrielle Aplin’s strategic use of social media.


UK-based singer Gabrielle Aplin places a huge emphasis on social media marketing.  Her efforts have resulted in 60,000+ fans across social network sites, and over 5 million plays on the videos she posts on her YouTube channel.  Though she uses the sites to keep her fans up to date on touring schedules, releases, and other news, Gabrielle comes up with creative ways to keep her fans involved in her career. Three weeks before she was set to release her newest EP Never Fade, the singer decided to ask her Facebook and Twitter followers to help choose the 4 songs to go on the EP.  She put up links to her original music and asked them to vote.  Similarly, when she was getting ready to release a preview album back in September, Gabrielle asked her social media friends to weigh in and vote on an album cover.

Because of the strategic use of social media networks leading up to the release of Never Fade, the launch was extremely successful and resulted in thousands of sales from the beginning.  Fans felt involved in the EP before it was even released, and were excited to purchase it as soon as it hit digital stores.

With her EP now in stores, Gabrielle continues to release YouTube videos and update her fans on the latest news and live show times.

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