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Who said an album release has to be in the form of an album? Kristin Hersh, solo artist as well as lead singer and guitarist for Throwing Muses and 50FOOTWAVE, combined artistic mediums for a rather unique release of her album Crooked.  The album was released as a book and download on the Harper Collins imprint “The Friday Project,” as a CD through independent retailers only, digitally, and as an application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

When you download the book you get much more than just the album tracks.  The download site provides a full experience of streaming audio, outtakes and bonus materials.  Each song has an accompanying essay by the artist. Also included with this download is a special code that gives access to additional online content including “Lossless and mp3 versions of the full Crooked album and two bonus EPs, track-by-track audio commentary by Kristin, the opening pages of her memoir, “Rat Girl,” exclusive video content, and a forum enabling fans to interact with Kristin, ask questions, and participate in live web chats.”

The app version, developed by Paul Bruneau, comes complete with the imagery from the printed book, audio commentary by Kristin for each track, as well as audio of Kristin reading the essays.  By releasing her album as a book and mobile app, Hersh brings in visual and interactive components to create a fuller listening experience.

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