By Jacqueline Rosokoff

We all know it’s probably not the best idea to be futzing around with your phone or iPod while driving.  CarTunes, an app for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad makes music-listening safer and easier when you’re behind the wheel.

The key to driving and listening is not having to do too much to navigate through all your music. With CarTunes all you really need to do to control your music is swipe and tap, both of which don’t require a whole lot of looking. Tap the screen to start and stop your music, and swipe to change tracks. Double-tap for the next track, triple-tap for the previous track, do a two finger swipe to shuffle.

Want to get real fancy?  Change volume with a tap and spin.

The app shows track progress, artwork and info for the track that’s playing, but if that’s too distracting, you can easily turn the feature off.  Additional advanced settings include: Auto-play upon launch, load a saved playlist upon launch, and enable auto-dim.

Though the name of this app suggests that it’s primarily meant for the car, I would venture to say that this may be useful to urban dwellers as well. There have been several times now that I’ve narrowly avoided walking in front of a moving car because I was too busy searching through my iPod…

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