By Jeff Price

We get hit up by a lot of people and companies asking us to promote “Battle of the Band” contests to TuneCore Artists.  The “winners” receives the grand prize of getting signed.

And I have to tell you, 99.9% of time, I pass on the opportunity, I just don’t feel right marketing and promoting a contest to artist that has the “winner” assign or give up rights and/or ownership of their copyrights to another entity.  I’m not so sure that’s “winning.”

On the other hand, I have always tried to be neutral in regards to opportunities­– who am I to tell artists what they should or should not do.  I certainly have my opinions (the themes of which always revolve around the music industry being transparent, honest and fair), but I believe TuneCore should provide information to educate.  Artists, armed with this knowledge and information, can then pick and choose what they want to do.

So I ask you, what do you think?   Should TuneCore market and promote more of these “Battle of the Band” type contests to its artists?  Where should the line be?  Should there be pre-set criteria allowing some through or should we keep it as is?

We want to know what you think.

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