By Casey Rae-Hunter

Pretty much everybody knows the music business has changed over the last decade or so. But what direction is it heading in? How can independent musicians thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape for music? How do policy and industry decisions have an impact on what YOU can accomplish as an artist? Future of Music Coalition cares about all of this and more. From artist compensation to promoting access and innovation for creators, FMC is front and center in the debates that impact musicians in the digital age.

I’m not just saying that because I happen to be FMC’s Deputy Director.  I’m also a musician, a small label owner and a proud TuneCore user. I know from experience how important it is for musicians to educate themselves on a complex and ever-changing industry. I’m thrilled that my organization is here to help.

Over the past ten years, FMC has presented the Future of Music Policy Summit in Washington, DC. This event brings together musicians, policymakers, music managers, industry experts, legal eagles, academics, media representatives and more to discuss current and emerging issues that have an impact on your life and career. I go to a lot of music conferences, and I gotta say, I’m pretty fond of ours. Why? Because it puts artists front-and-center in the most important discussions of the day.

You can join the conversation at Policy Summit 2011, which takes place at Georgetown University in Washington, DC on October 3-4.

Attendees will examine current trends while looking ahead to a sustainable, 21st century music ecosystem that rewards creators and fans. Among the top-level speakers and presenters at this year’s event is TuneCore founder Jeff Price who will join a can’t-miss conversation about publishing and licensing music in a fast-moving industry.

At FMC Summits, musicians aren’t an afterthought: you’re the reason for the conversation. Still, we know that musicians aren’t made of money, which is why we offer musician scholarships that let you experience all of our programming at a ridiculously low price. (Like, crazy low.) Click here to apply.

Here’s just some of what the 2011 Future of Music Policy Summit will include:

-Visionary presentations from music industry leaders, innovators and
-Special conversations with leading musicians, producers and policymakers
-How artists earn a living in today’s music landscape
-Musicians examining innovative digital music services
-An up-close look at successful creative communities across the country
-The future of mobile music
-Where the live music and ticketing market is heading
-How the current licensing environment for music impacts artists and audiences
-The legal and technological environment for remixes, mash-ups and more
-Reports on global efforts to streamline digital music rights

…plus movie screenings, networking parties, a Pho dinner and a rock show!

We’re adding speakers and programming details left and right, so be sure to keep checking our Summit site for more info. Hope to see you in DC!


Casey Rae-Hunter is the Deputy Director for Future of Music Coalition, a national nonprofit research, education and advocacy organization for musicians.

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