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Groovebug takes music discovery to a new level.  This iPad app brings together a media magazine with a music discovery engine, at no cost to the music fan.

This app works well for anyone who likes to stay on top of the latest news and music from their favorite artists.  Groovebug takes care of the legwork of the exploration.  It scans your music library to identify your favorite artists, and then gathers artwork, bios, videos, downloads, news from music blogs, and recommended artists.  What results is a magazine to swipe through, with page after page of music, information, and suggestions of similar artists, all in one place.

If you’re someone who puts on a song, and then opens 4 or 5 tabs on your computer to read up on the artist, find his or her videos, or check out more music to download, this app will make your life a little more organized. It does the work for you, so you’re left to scroll through the info on your favorite artists and maybe even find a few new bands to check out.

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