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As a child who would rather sketch blueprints of town centers and houses than play team sports, I’m pretty close to ecstatic about the new Isle of Tune iPad app.  And I guess I’m not the only one who thinks this is pretty cool; Isle of Tune is a multi-award winning game. Created by UK artist Jim Hall and developer Stuart Middleton, Isle of Tune is described (by the creators) as “part music sequencer, part SimCity style construction game.”

The idea behind the FarmVille-like game is simple:  create a song by constructing a town.  Playing around with the web game, I found out that making a pleasant sounding tune wasn’t quite so simple. You determine the beat and melody by laying down roads, cars, houses, streetlights, and other objects, and designing loops and choosing notes.  When the car travels down the path you created, the objects generate sounds as the car passes by.

While the iPad version follows the same concept as the web version, the iPad game comes with intuitive touch controls and features like individual speed settings on up to eight cars, new sound effects, and access to a full keyboard for advanced tunes.

If you come up with a tune you’re proud of (I didn’t quite get there), you can save it and upload your island to share with others so they can view it and even give it a rating.  Pretty neat!

Download the iPad app from iTunes

Test drive the game for free with the web version!

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