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Wondering what tunes your friends are listening to and posting about lately?, an interactive radio developed by Asaf Atzmon and Sagee Ben-Zedeff, pulls music posted by the feeds you follow on Twitter (most often in the form of YouTube videos), and organizes it all together into an easy-to-manage station.

The service, in large part based on music discovery, recommends songs it thinks you might like, music not always in your Twitter feed.  If they hit the nail on the head and you want to follow this person’s music, but don’t want him or her on your Twitter feed, you can just add the person as as a DJ you follow on Serendip.

While you’re listening to your friends’ picks, Serendip lets you tell the DJ that you like his or her song, and if you want to share what you’re playing with your twitter followers you have the option to click the “Airing” button, which adds an #airing hashtag when you retweet.

If you follow a friend on Twitter who has questionable music taste and only posts songs that sound as if they belong on the Coyote Ugly soundtrack (and for you that’s not a good thing), Serendip offers just what you need: a mute button.  Using the ‘mute’ feature doesn’t affect your Twitter set up, it just makes it so you don’t follow that person’s musical selections.

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