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Have you ever found yourself at a party, wishing you could jump in and play DJ?  TuneTug, available as a free mobile app on iOS as well as through a mobile web browser, gives partygoers the opportunity to contribute to the party’s playlist.

Once you connect to the party (either through the mobile app or through on your phone), you’ll see a list of the songs lined up to be played, with up and down arrows next to each song.  If you’re really into a song on the list and want it to go toward the top of the playlist, you just “tug” on the ‘up’ arrow, and if you see a song you’d rather not hear anytime soon (if at all), the ‘down’ arrow is your friend.

TuneTug participants have even more of a say in the playlist now that the app supports Spotify integration. If the party host has a Spotify premium account, other guests can search for and add tunes to the playlist.  Hosts can allow playlists of up to 600 songs, from his or her iTunes library plus Spotify.

So next time you decide to throw a party, check out TuneTug so your guests can help DJ!

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