It is indeed an interesting time in the industry. We don’t know why other entities are not protecting the rights of their customers to ensure artists and songwriters get all the money they are owed. Worse yet, entities that claim to represent their customers learn about news that hurts their artists and songwriters, instead of taking action, they run from the fight.

We should be sticking together for all artists, to change the world for the better. But if we have to do it alone, so be it.

We believe protecting artists and getting them all their money is exactly what you hired TuneCore to do and what sets us apart from the rest.

This is our philosophy and mission. It’s part of the reason we started TuneCore, it’s what drives us. This is not only our passion, but also our job.

Some have asked me what they can do if they discover a music service is not paying out all the royalties owed.

My opinion, you should be screaming from the mountain tops (tweet, blog, etc).  This is your money and these are your rights.  By working together and supporting one another you can change the world.

Artists should tell their fans what stores to support and what stores not to support.  They should also demand answers from the stores if they discover they are not getting paid all their royalties.

But first, know your rights, so you know what is owed to you.  All digital music stores must get the required licenses and make the required payments back to artists and songwriters.

All of “you” are now the new music industry.  TuneCore is simply the megaphone that allows your voice to be heard, and all of you are a damn loud voice.

We know others run from the fight.  We won’t.  We are going to use the power of all of you and do everything we can to ensure all artists and songwriters get paid all their royalties.

From time to time there may be some that stand in the way, but it’s our job to fight on your behalf and we will.

Which makes me very proud to announce the below:

Brooklyn, NY (Feb. 2, 2012) – TuneCore , the world’s largest distributor of music,  today announces a groundbreaking agreement with simfy, one of the top music services in Europe, that ensures TuneCore artists and songwriters will be paid for the use of their music.

The deal is groundbreaking as under the agreement, simfy will obtain the rights to both the recordings and songs (aka the underlying composition) represented by TuneCore and pay both sets of royalties directly to TuneCore, as opposed to paying third party collection agencies that take significant percentages of the money and in some cases years to pay it out.  The deal allows TuneCore to pay its artists and songwriters/publishers more money more quickly with unprecedented transparency than via any other entity in the world.

Says TuneCore CEO and Founder Jeff Price:

“Simfy is a visionary music service for fans.  It is also a music industry leader that pays all royalties for the music in its service. Music fans can now choose to use simfy not only for its great experience with access to over 16 million songs but also because simfy will pay artists and songwriters all their royalties.”

The deal with simfy is one of many direct partnerships that TuneCore’s Global Songwriter Publishing Administration has forged with the leading digital music services.  With the click of a button, any songwriter can have songwriter music publishing administration via TuneCore’s Songwriter Service that collects money, registers copyrights, polices rights globally and issues licenses.

About Simfy
Simfy gives music fans access to over 16 million songs in the cloud. Users can listen to music, create playlists, and share them via social networks. A number of service options are available including free advertising-financed and subscription based premium services. Launched in 2010, simfy has rapidly grown to become one of the leading music streaming providers in Europe.

About TuneCore
TuneCore ( is the largest distributor and has one of the highest revenue-generating music catalogs in the world. In the past two years TuneCore Artists have sold over 500 million units and generated over $250 million dollars in gross music sales and songwriter revenue. In fall 2011, TuneCore launched its separate groundbreaking Global Songwriter Publishing Administration Service, providing any songwriter global songwriter publishing administration which registers their copyrights, collects money that is rightfully theirs, protects and polices their copyrights and songs, and issue licenses.

TuneCore is a low, flat fee service that distributes music to iTunes, Spotify, eMusic, AmazonMP3, Nokia and many other major download and streaming sites while taking no rights and no revenue from the sale of the music. Artists are building careers, selling significant volumes of music and generating revenue through TuneCore. Since its launch in 2006, TuneCore has more than 700,000 account holders, including Grammy winners and unsigned artists alike. TuneCore artists include Drake, Beck, Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z, Aretha Franklin, Keith Richards, Public Enemy, Nine Inch Nails, Ricky Skaggs, Paul Westerberg, The Civil Wars, Willie Nelson, They Might Be Giants, Donna Summer, MGM Studios, Warren G, Bjork, Moby, High School Musical cast members, Girl Talk, Brian Eno, Starbucks and hundreds of thousands more.

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