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G-Unit's Advice for Young Artists: Be Seen

October 27, 2012

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been taking a look at some of the different labels that use TuneCore. Today we’ve got a great interview with Dré McKenzie of G-Unit and G-Note Records, both labels established by 50 Cent.  McKenzie spoke to us about how the labels use sales information to plan strategy for future releases, why live performance is so critical, and more.

Can you describe your label (genre, number of artists signed, how long you’ve been operating, etc…) ?
We have a total number of 8 artists, not including 50 Cent, although 50 works hand-in-hand with both companies.

How did you get your labels up and running?
50 Cent established G UNIT in 2003 and G NOTE in 2011.

What does TuneCore provide for you as a label?
TuneCore provides digital distribution for all G UNIT & G NOTE artists’ singles for the last 2 years or so, outside of the major label deals we’ve conducted.

How do you use the monthly sales information in your account?
We mine that data in order to forecast future sales and plan strategy for future releases.  We compare and contrast past strategies with sales from those campaigns in order to be more efficient moving forward.

Are the weekly trending reports in your account of value to you?
Yes, from time to time, although we look more holistically at those reports—2 weeks to months at a time.  During the initial stages of a release the weekly tracking is helpful though.

When one of your artists has a new release coming out, what do you do to promote the release, and what do you expect the artist to do?
We attempt to make inroads utilizing social media and content placement within relevant circles—both live/in-person and digital to raise awareness and create moments that will lead consumers to purchase said content.

GNote LogoWhat are the most important tips you would give to a DIY artist trying to achieve his/her goals (whether it be getting signed to a label or not)?
In principle, I’d say that live performance is critical in the same way that politicians go out and “touch the people” during electoral campaigns—it helps people feel valued and creates a moment within which they, the consumers, play an important part.  Secondly, be seen—Pac said it best: “All Eyez On Me.”  If the biggest social portals make their money from the amount of eyes focused on their platform (traffic to their site which generates advertising dollars from major brands) then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t adopt the same principle for selling your music/content.

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