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Last month bluegrass band The Infamous Stringdusters played an awesome CMJ show at Brooklyn Bowl to kick off their fall tour.  We got a chance to board their (parked) tour bus before the show, and ask them about touring, marketing and promotion, the financial struggles that often come with being an independent band, and a whole lot more.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring parts of the interview between TuneCore’s Chris Mooney and Andy Falco (guitar) and Travis Book (bass) of The Infamous Stringdusters.

This clip from the interview is all about connecting with fans, creating an experience, and using social media.

If you don’t have time to watch the clip, here are some of the key points from the ‘Dusters:

1. Try to make fans for life.  It can be more beneficial for bands to make fans who will come to festivals and participate because it has meaning for them, than to make fans who will buy one record.

2. The focus doesn’t need to be on selling records or t-shirts. It’s all about selling an experience, which can translate into selling tickets.

3. Social media acts as a direct line to a band, but there’s no substitution for face to face interaction. Personal connections can be the most positive.

4. In order to best connect with fans, bands should make themselves available on multiple channels. Having different channels for fan communication lets fans interact however they feel most comfortable.

*At the end of the clip, Andy and Travis mention that their live shows are archived on their site. Here’s the link: http://thestringdusters.com/site/archive/


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