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Last year was a good one for Alex Day. In December, the TuneCore Artist broke a Guinness World Record for the highest charting single by an unsigned artist with his song “Forever Yours.” The single got to number four on the UK charts, a pretty big deal.

He was also featured on, twice.

StupidStupidWell, this year he’s aiming higher.  He’s going for number one on the iTunes UK charts, all within one hour on December 16th, when he releases his new single “Stupid Stupid.”   No unsigned artist in the UK has achieved this.  If he succeeds, he’ll have the fastest selling single in 1 hour under his belt.

Because of the obvious challenges of his goal, Day created a promotional plan:

On December 2nd he announced his “Stupid Stupid” goal to his fans through a YouTube video (see below), and set up a digital pre-order on iTunes and a physical one on HMV, so excited fans could get a head start helping him reach number one.


A week later he released the music video for the single, a video starring his family:


On December 16th, the big day, “Stupid Stupid” will be available for digital sale on iTunes, and physical sale on HMV.

He’s planned a free London event during that one hour period (3-4 PM London time), appropriately named “Stupidfest,” during which he’ll play a few songs and check the charts.

Even though he’s hoping to get record-breaking sales in that first hour, the promotional kick doesn’t stop there.  Day will be releasing several remixes of the track with other well known artists.

Here’s a little extra incentive for fans: If Day succeeds in reaching his goal, he will give 30,000 British pounds to  Save the Children.

TuneCore’s rooting for you, Alex!

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