TuneCore Artist Wins The Voice

In case you haven’t been following NBC’s “The Voice” as religiously as we have, season 3 came to a close last night, and the winner was announced: TuneCore Artist Cassadee Pope.

But Pope wasn’t the only TuneCore Artist to make it to the final three: Nicholas David was a runner-up.

65331_367297076693108_1027585157_n_resizedNicholas David

Congratulations to both talented artists from the whole TuneCore Family. Thanks for all the music—we can’t wait to hear what you’re up to next!

Cassadee Pope’s music in iTunes

Nicholas David’s music in iTunes

  • Snapps izking

    I’m happy for Cassadee Pope who I knew would win this
    season. I can’t seem to pull myself from
    TV when I start watching The Voice. I didn’t think this show would be good even
    after my coworker at DISH told me about it, but I was wrong and I’m hooked. I
    work in the evenings so watching primetimes out of the question. The family was
    never happy I had all the TV’s tied up with my recordings. Then the DISH Hopper
    DVR came along and made it easier to record my shows. I can enable the
    PrimeTime Anytime feature to get the four major networks recorded on one TV.
    This frees up all the other TV’s and the kids aren’t stuck with watching
    recordings. I love this feature and it’s one of my favorites I use on a daily

  • ~pk

    If you didnt already know,Terry McDermott is the singer for the band “Lotus Crush” here on tunecore. Terry came in second on “The Voice”. Congratulations to all of them.

    • tunecore

      Thanks for letting us know! Absolutely, congrats to all of them!