We're Making a Valentine's Day Album. Want to Be on It?

UPDATE 1/31/13 – We are no longer accepting song submissions for the compilation. Thanks to all who participated! 

In the spirt of Valentine’s Day, we’re making an album: Valentine’s 2013: A TuneCore Compilation Album.

And we want your love-themed music to be on it!

In order to qualify, your track must be from a NEW RELEASE distributed through TuneCore between January 18 – 30, 2013.

To learn more about the compilation album and submit your new track now, click here.

  • Gene

    Would love to know where the songs can be found!

    • tunecore

      Hi Gene,

      This compilation album will be available as a free download on Amazon MP3 U.S.

      • when will the artists/album list be announced

        • tunecore

          The compilation should be available as free download on Amazon MP3 U.S. by February 4th! We’ll be posting info about it on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter. So stay tuned!

  • Cassandra Mohr

    I submitted a beautiful love song for release through TuneCore in early January, not knowing, of course, that you would be running this promotion. I don’t have another one to release right now. Is there any way I can submit my song?

    • tunecore

      Hi Cassandra,

      Unfortunately we can only accept releases distributed between January 18th-30th. We do create compilation albums throughout the year though so hopefully you will be able to submit for the next one!

      We’re always looking for videos to feature on the blog, if you have a music video for this new release, or of another TuneCore release, let us know at features@tunecore.com!

  • NM

    Should I submit my song for distribution in the normal way then complete the ‘submit your new track now’ link above? or does that link above do both?

    • tunecore

      Hi there,

      You’ll need to distribute your song first through TuneCore, and then once you’ve completed distribution you can submit your track for consideration for the compilation album. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Istvan Jaszberenyi

    Hi, I have just submitted a song. Would you please send a confirmation message? Or how does that work? How do I know you received it? Thank you.

    • tunecore

      Hi there,

      When you submit a song for the valentine’s day compilation you will receive email confirmation following your submission, thanking you for submitting your track for consideration.




  • found in the attic

    Hello, if i submit a new song to be released in 2-3 weeks so it can reach all digital stores, can i still submit it? Or does it have to be released right away? Also are “alternative” love songs considered as well? 🙂

    • tunecore

      In order for a submitted song to be considered for the compilation, you must have DISTRIBUTED that song through TuneCore between January 18-30th. It’s ok if you set a release date that’s after January 30th. Alternative love songs are considered as well!

  • Angie

    I have a single that I’d like to set up for later release and enter into your contest. However, I don’t have artwork yet. Do I need the artwork and everything all set in order to enter? Thanks.

    • tunecore

      Hi Angie,
      Yes, you will need artwork and everything else ready in order to distribute your single and then be able to submit it for the compilation.

  • Guest2

    will we be notified if our song was selected, if so by when? Are we going to have to wait until the cd comes out to find out if we made it or not?

    • tunecore

      All selected artists will be notified on or around February 4th!

      • Guest2

        great thank you !

  • CJ Clark

    This might be my paranoia at work, but I received a call today by a phone number “6”. That was the entire number. I figured that it was a telemarketer or someone so I didn’t answer. It made me wonder, to the winners who will be notified, will they be notified via email or phone? Just curious! Thanks!

    • tunecore

      Hey CJ – We’ll be notifying the artists who made it onto the compilation via email!

      • CJ Clark

        Thank you!

  • Tony

    What is the new release date for this compilation? It is already Feb 6.

    • tunecore

      Hey Tony,

      Sorry for the delay- we had an overwhelming response! The compilation is on its way to Amazon now, so it won’t be too much longer!