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Check out some great advice and comments from TuneCore Artists performing at SXSW today.  For more tips plus more info about where and when these artists are playing, click here.

Wednesday, March 13th

ali_spagnolaAli Spagnola – “Take lots of notes on the people you meet and make sure you follow up!”
black_pistol_fireBlack Pistol Fire – “TuneCore saved us a great amount of money on distribution and was a simple and efficient way to get the music available worldwide.”
campoCampo – “[We’ll do] what we always do on our live shows, play music and amaze the crowd. We’ll also meet with some people within the music industry.”
430626_454783264592564_515942390_nChelle Rose – “I love how TuneCore streamlines my digital sales.”
hector_guerraHector Guerra – “I am going because I have been invited to the festival, and it´s a great opportunity to let myself be known to the world.”
hopsinHopsin – “We use TuneCore because of the accuracy and timeliness of payments.”
hunter_huntedHunter Hunted – “TuneCore is a super convenient and accessible way for us artists to get music out to the world.”
jay_nashJay Nash – “TuneCore has played a vital role in my career as an independent artist. They act as a direct conduit to move my music out to all of the major digital retail outlets and provide comprehensive and timely record keeping…all without taking a percentage of my gross sales revenue. They’re kind of in a class of their own.”
little_daylightLittle Daylight – “We love TuneCore!”
ok_sweetheartOK SWEETHEART – “I think consistency, continuity and exposure are all very important. I’m not trying to be something other than me. I show up. I do what I say I’m going to and I try to help other bands. I’m not afraid to invite people that are on the business side of the industry.  No matter how many cool bands you know and love, if you want to get your music to go somewhere, you need the logistical folks to be on board.”
rob_bairdRob Baird – “Great opportunities to network and showcase.”
the_dead_shipsThe Dead Ships – “You either map out your entire week there or you just go and see what happens. But I say see as many shows and meet as many people as you can. Creating bonds with other bands is essential at SXSW. Just look at it as hookups in other cities you may not be able to access without these bands.”
tristenTristen – “Play, eat, and have fun!”
truth_universalTruth Universal – “Promote yourself, and strive to meet people who can help you advance your career.”
westlandWestland – “TuneCore makes it easy for us to get our music out everywhere! They are extremely helpful and genuinely care about helping us out!”
We put together a Spotify playlist featuring all of the TuneCore Artists performing in Austin this week.  Take a listen!

Our Playlist