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Last week TuneCore was invited to speak with the students participating in World Up. Located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, World Up’s mission is to promote a greater understanding of the world through music, education, and technology literacy. The students at World Up  have been busy writing and recording original tracks, and are now learning what to do next. After deciding on roles—design, promotion, etc.—these young artists are now making a plan for their release.

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Chris Mooney, TuneCore’s Sr. Director of Artist Promotions and Strategic Relationships, met with the students to discuss their distribution and release options. For example, do they want to give the music away for free, release their EP through a digital distributor, set up a page with a tip jar option or is the plan to secure a label deal? Establishing a focus on the goals of the release and the musicians was stressed; don’t just make music and let it sit there without a plan in place.

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J. Dash, Hoodie Allen, and Boyce Avenue were offered as examples of what an independent artist can accomplish outside of a record deal, with the tools available online and through team-building with marketing and distribution companies. An overview was provided to try and help the students understand the six legal copyrights of all composers, as discussed in depth in a TuneCore Guide. Questions about sampling, Girl Talk, beats, and other topics were voiced, and answered as best as possible. To finish the conversation, the students shared with Chris their visions of video promotion and cover art—both were great.

World Up students are well on their way to making their first EP and TuneCore is happy to be able to play a role in educating them on the opportunities available in this modern music industry…

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