If you’ve been watching season 4 of NBC’s The Voice then you’re likely familiar with Ryan Innes. Though he’s no longer on the show, his smooth yet raw sound combining pop and soul flavors made a lasting impression on viewers.  We were lucky enough to talk to the TuneCore Artist about what he took away from his coach (Usher) and fellow contestants, what happens behind the scenes, and what his goals are moving forward… 

Congrats on making it so far on The Voice. You were fantastic! What was it like being on the show?
Thanks darlin’.  Being on the show was just a little ca.ra.zy. 🙂 I feel like I was dropped into an alternate universe for a second—like that random dreamscape montage in the middle of a movie. It feels like it happened a long time ago and I can already look back at it with fond memories like “the good old days.”  I enjoyed the ride and the friends and experiences immensely.

What happens behind the scenes that we don’t get to see on TV?
There’s A LOT of work behind the scenes. So many moving parts all working independently yet cohesively at the same time. There’s a lot of hurry up and wait. There’s a lot of joking and goofing around. You have to find that place to be able to cope with all the juggling and changing of everything.

What did you learn from your coach that has helped you grow as an artist?
Usher said a few things to me that will stick with me:

1) During Battle Rounds, Usher and Pharrell made sure that the word we took away from our mentor sessions was ‘CONVICTION.’ If that trait was present in whatever you were doing then you were in the best place.

2) “Make the song cry.” Usher said that phrase and I’ve remembered it ever since.  It was really on my mind while singing “Ain’t No Sunshine”—that’s probably why the growl came out like it did on the word “when” in the middle of the song.

3) “Stand and Shine.” Usher and his musical director said this to me and again it stuck. They said, just stand and shine right where you are, doing exactly what you do regardless of anything or anyone around you. The more authentic and honest you are about your gift and talent, the more the light will be seen and felt.

What about from the other artists on the show?
I think the one thing I really learned from the other artists on the show is that when you’re doing this music/creative thing right, you’re happy. You treat yourself and others well. You are just being and doing what comes effortlessly. It gets screwed up when you start thinking more than you’re feeling.

What does an artist need to do to stand out on a singing competition show like The Voice?
Authenticity. Likeability, and a kick ass voice.

How has your career changed since the show?
My career has changed in the exposure department. I’ve been seen, heard, and hopefully felt by way more people than 2 months ago. So now the work and fun is all about making more and better music to share and experience in with them.

What are your goals as an artist?
If I’m looking at them from 30,000 feet away, my end goals are to be able to live life abundantly through and because of music. I want to experience the “good stuff” of relationships and family. I want to be involved with music that is meaningful and soulful and does good things to and for people and the world.

My goals 5 years from now? I want to find a team of people who are all on board with my vision, style, sound and purpose, and make amazing records with them. Records that add to and further the vast repertoire of music. Records that are timeless. Then I want to play amazing shows and festivals with them.

How does TuneCore fit in to those goals?
I’m still an independent artist and I have direct access to all my new friends who like what I can do. I can share a song with them all by myself because of TuneCore.

Do you have advice for other artists interested in getting on a show like The Voice?
Do a show like this because you’re ready, not because someone told you you should. Timing is very important. Have a solid but humble confidence in what you can do.

So what’s next for Ryan Innes?
A Del Taco run ‘cause this took longer than I thought. I’m in talks with some rad people about some rad opportunities. Be looking for some cool collaborations, features and partnerships.

Last question, (we’ve gotta ask) who do you hope is named ‘The Voice’ at the end of the season?
I think that it’s anyone’s game at this point and it will come down to inches. I hope the person who deserves it most, gets it.

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