Justin Garner Talks Independent Success & Focusing on Your Fans

November 11, 2013

Justin Garner, an R&B/Pop artist from Baton Rouge continues to gain fans and industry attention alike.  Read about his success below, why he works with TuneCore, and why independent artists should put the focus on their fans…

Oh, and one last thing from us… check out Justin’s album Warrior that just hit stores.

I am TuneCore because…

In the music industry, it’s rare when you come across someone you can trust to help get your music to the next level. As an R&B/Pop singer-songwriter, all of my time and energy is needed to create music. In my pursuit of music, I’ve been approached by several industry professionals who made promises they couldn’t keep. Bookings and negotiations were handled poorly; things were done in the best interest of everyone except for the most important person, the artist. These “professionals” came and went, but TuneCore was always there for me and provided me with the tools to reach the masses.

After acquiring fans locally and internationally through social media sites YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, awareness for my music increased tremendously. Thanks to TuneCore, I was able to distribute my music worldwide, allowing fans and supporters to purchase, download and stream my music no matter what part of the world they’re in. Everything I do as a musician is based on the wants of my fans. TuneCore’s vision aligns with my perspective by excluding the middle man and attributing 100% of royalties directly to the artist. Having a relationship with my fans, in addition to having TuneCore on my team, are the keys to my continued success.


Here’s a tip…

The number 1 tip I would give to an independent artist is to keep your fans at the forefront. Every marketing and promotional effort should be with them in mind. Never compromise who you are for anyone. Being indie is very hard but is also very rewarding. Always remain humble, patient and have faith that your efforts will be well received.