As the turkey is passed around the table and we get ready to enter food comas, people around the country take a little time to reflect on the positive things in their lives.  As music is so important to all of us, we wanted to let the TuneCore community share why they’re thankful to be artists…

“I am thankful for being a musician because it makes me feel so much less alone in this great big world. I create my art and then use it to connect with people all over the globe; it’s a remarkable thing to be a part of.” – Ron Pope

“I’m so thankful to be an artist because art adds meaning to our lives, and art lives on forever.” – Mikey Wax

 “I’m thankful to be a musician because it  transcends cultures, backgrounds, differences and connects us.  – Lisa Gungor

“I’m thankful to be a musician because music makes the world a better place.” – Michael Gungor

“I am thankful to be a musician because it allows me to bring people together through love and music.” – Justin Garner

“As an artist, I’m so thankful to live in a time where the ability to make and share art, as well as form relationships with my fans, is right at my fingertips.” – Mree

“I am thankful to be an artist because I am doing what I love and dreamed of doing.  I can share and express myself and use my music to perhaps make a difference in the world and possibly motivate others to follow their dreams. I am thankful that I never gave up on my deepest passion because it got hard, but I continued even when I didn’t see a way. I am thankful for TuneCore for giving artists like myself the opportunity to expand our fan base and share our music in places we never imagined.” – Prince AJ

“I’m thankful to be an artist because music allows me to express myself, and be myself, in a way that nothing else can.” – Ali Brustofski

“First of all, I am thankful to my family and especially my amazing wife who respects and supports my being a musician. As an artist I am thankful for every single person who appreciates my music. I don’t take it for granted. I’m actually rather surprised every time I get a positive reaction and I therefore do enjoy it even more when people connect with my music. I’m also thankful for every single person who considers to introduce my music to their friends or a wider audience. And I’m thankful for all the incredible tools that are at my disposal as an artist these days, allowing me to create and share my music with other people. It’s amazing!”  – Thomas Feurer

“I am thankful to be an artist because of the intimate bonds I can make with others all over the world.  Even if my songs make only a small change in someone’s mood or outlook, I’ve done my job.” – Jessica Lerner

“I’m grateful to be an artist because I can take everything I go through and turn it into something positive and bigger than myself.”  – Mieka Pauley

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