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When the holidays come around, we like to sit back and listen to 11 Acorn Lane, who came out with one of the coolest holiday albums ever.  Recently we got a chance to chat with them about how they use the sales reporting in their TuneCore account, and how other independent artists can get the most out of the tool…

I am TuneCore because…

Their sales reports interface is super easy, super detailed and super useful.  It’s right there in your online account, on one single page. A seemingly simple little control panel that lets you find out almost anything about your sales, in seconds.  It’s a major league data manipulation tool, available to us and every single artist who distributes with TuneCore.


Here’s a tip…

Take advantage of the sales reports interface! Have some fun with it! Not that we think numbers are much fun, but when the numbers represent people downloading and streaming our music, we can’t stop looking at them.

Let’s say you want to compare the sales of all your releases over the lifetime of your account. That’s super easy. Just hit the “Releases” tab.  Want to compare your total sales by countries? Just hit the “Countries” tab. One click. Done.

Here’s a cool thing: downloads and streams are neatly listed next to each other in separate columns. With one click you can compare the number of downloads versus streams for all your releases or even individual songs. We have had big surprises and enlightenments in that one page view alone.

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