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guvera_wide_colorLast month, we started distributing to, the highest-rated music app in the UK.  Well, one new store isn’t enough, and we’re happy to announce our most recent music service addition for digital distribution: Guvera.

Some quick store facts:

  • Though Guvera’s based in Australia, it’s also available in the U.S. and Indonesia.
  • Indonesia is one of the fastest growing music markets in Southeast Asia, so it’s a good idea to be there.
  • Guvera is an on-demand streaming service; you choose what to listen to and when.
  • It has 500,000+ users, with unlimited free access to over 10 million songs.
  • Guvera has a variety of featured playlists curated by enthusiastic music lovers.

Ready to add Guvera to your releases?  Great idea!  Add it today.


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