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One more day closer to SXSW and we’re counting down with a spotlight on Yellerkin, one of the awesome TuneCore bands taking the stage at The Beehive next week…

(By the way, if you haven’t already RSVP’d to the showcase, make sure you go do that now! It’s free to get in, and we’ll be there!)

Band Name: Yellerkin

What they’re all about:
Adrian Galvin and Luca Buccellati make up the indie rock duo Yellerkin.  Listen to their songs and you’ll hear the stories come through the lyrics and melodies. Their new self-titled EP covers 4 years of writing, 8 years of playing and falling in love 3 times.

Their plan for getting the most out of SXSW:
Know what you want to see ahead of time, don’t stress out, don’t go too hard too early cause it’s a marathon, drink water. We’re gonna dig the warm weather, play hard, and we reeealllllyy want to hang out with Kishi Bashi.

Their top 3 tips for independent artists:
1. Build a community, it takes a village.

2. Find other artists and collaborate or mix your media, find kindred spirits and make stuff with them.

3. Never take your work too seriously—the moment your work becomes more precious to you than working itself…the gig’s up.

How TuneCore’s part of their team:
TuneCore brings our music to a huge and different audience. Out in Brooklyn amidst the white noise it can be hard to break out of the indie-band grind. TuneCore offers us a platform from which we can yell louder and farther so more people can hear us! Also, whenever anyone downloads our music from TuneCore we get a little notification and it’s like Christmas every time.

When/Where to see them in Austin:

Saturday, March 15 – 12:30 PM – The Beehive at Cheer Up Charlie’s

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