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An Interview with Pete Rogers, Creative at TuneCore Music Publishing Administration.

TuneCore Music Publishing Administration’s mission is to offer songwriters and publishers a simple, more viable solution for managing the rights to their compositions.  With 100+ years of combined experience, our in-house staff excels at registering, licensing, pitching, and processing royalties due for songwriters’ compositions.  One of the most exciting revenue opportunities for songwriters is in synchronization licensing, and TuneCore Music Publishing’s Creative department is dedicated to helping songwriters get their music placed in film, TV, commercials and more.

We asked Pete Rogers, Creative, to tell us a little about his role at TuneCore, what songwriters can do to have a better chance of getting noticed by Music Supervisors, and what exposure songwriters gain from the TuneCore Sync & Master Licensing Database.

What does the Creative team do at TuneCore Music Publishing Administration? 

The Creative team is tasked with securing synchronization licenses for the TuneCore administered copyrights.  In effect, we help our songwriters by placing their music in TV shows, films, trailers, and more.  Sync uses are a great way for songwriters to gain exposure and drive sales in addition to generating backend performance revenue that we collect around the world.  To maximize earnings, our in-house licensing staff will also negotiate use of the master recording if it is distributed by TuneCore.

What are some recent placements you’ve facilitated for TuneCore Songwriters?

We had a really great month-long feature on ESPN for The Specktators, an amazing hip-hop group from Michigan, and we’re excited about an upcoming placement in Sean McNamara’s new film Hoovey.  (You can see some more recent placements here.)

Tell us about your background.

I started my career in the Creative department at a major label here in Burbank before coming over to TuneCore.  It was always my dream to work in the business side of music, so I’m thrilled to be working with the high caliber songwriters we represent.

How do you work with Music Supervisors?

The Creative team works closely with film, television, trailer, video game and advertising Music Supervisors to make sure our catalog of compositions is always fresh in their minds for potential opportunities.  We suggest song ideas for upcoming projects when they reach out, and we’re also in frequent contact with them to keep current on new and returning licensing opportunities.

What is the TuneCore Sync & Master Licensing Database?  How do artists and songwriters get their compositions in the database?

We built an online destination for Music Supervisors to search, listen to and request licensing quotes on the compositions we administer.   It’s a fantastic resource for Music Supervisors to access the amazing TuneCore music in conjunction with the proactive outreach the Creative team provides.  Songwriters’ administered compositions are included in the database if they are currently distributed by TuneCore.

What are Music Supervisors looking for in a song?

Music Supervisors are looking for all kinds of things—that’s part of what makes this industry exciting!  We have conversations about licensing everything from singer-songwriter music to Middle Eastern hip-hop to classical to heavy metal.

What 3 tips would you give a songwriter looking to get a Music Supervisor’s attention?

1.  Maintain a social media presence so Music Supervisors can see how actively engaged your fan base is.  High fan engagement could tip the scales in favor of one song being selected over another.

2.  Create a cappella and instrumental versions of your songs before the session is wrapped.  You can also have our partners at Universal Mastering Studios create these versions during the mastering process.

3.  Create clean or alternate versions of songs that include profanity so you’re not limiting yourself to R-rated projects only.

What happens if a TuneCore Songwriter is approached directly about a sync licensing opportunity?  How is TuneCore’s Creative team involved?

Having TuneCore administer your copyrights allows you to take advantage of our wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to negotiating the most favorable licensing terms on your behalf.  By notifying us when licensing opportunities arise, we as professionals will not only negotiate and issue the license, but we will also submit cue sheets to the societies worldwide so our songwriters can benefit from the performance revenues these uses generate.

So, why should a songwriter partner with TuneCore Music Publishing Administration for sync licensing opportunities? 

TuneCore has been a trusted industry leader in distribution for years, and that reputation precedes us in publishing administration and licensing as well.  The Creative team gives a songwriter’s music the attention it deserves when it comes to royalty collection, pitching and licensing.  Our commission structure is among the most songwriter-friendly in the business, and the best part of all is that songwriters maintain ownership of their copyrights.

(Editor’s Note: Interested in learning more about TuneCore Music Publishing Administration?  See what services we provide to our songwriters.)


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