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“The common thread that ties us all together is kindness,” says Life Vest Inside founder Orly Wahba. Life Vest Inside is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the masses to engage in acts of love and kindness. They believe that kindness is directly linked to happiness and health, and their missions is to empower and unite the world with just that. Life Vest Inside inspires people to recognize the potential they have to affect real and positive change in this world through kindness.

For the past four years, Life Vest Inside has organized a worldwide flashmob event, known as the Dance For Kindness. Imagine a groups from all over the globe joining together to perform the same dance to the same song together on the same day. Last year, the event drew participation from over 10,000 dancers in 80 cities across 32 countries! This year on November 8th will be no different.

Life Vest Inside has given artists and songwriters from every corner of the world the opportunity to submit a song that could be chosen as the Dance For Kindness Anthem! When they reached out to us to invite our community of TuneCore Artists to submit, we couldn’t resist. There’s no purchase required and TuneCore is not an official partner, we just want to offer our Artists a chance to get heard for a great cause!

“Music has the most amazing power to uplift, unite and inspire,” Wahba says, “This year’s Dance For Kindness Anthem Contest will give musicians from all over the chance to be a part of that by having their song selected for the worldwide anthem.”


How It Works

1.) Submit Your Application – The application deadline is June 15th, 2015. Click here to review the checklist before applying.
2.) Wait For Approval! – Life Vest Inside will review your submission and keep you posted to let you know when song voting will officially open.
3.) Receive Your ToolkitHelpful social media posts, copy, and little tricks of the trade to get the word out and help you promote your song!
4.) Spread The Word! – Increase your chances of winning by encouraging your friends, family the person sitting next you on the train to vote!
5.) Winner Announced! – Once voting closes, the artist with the most votes will be selected as the official DFK2015 artist!
6.) Get Produced! – Work hand in hand with Life Vest Inside and music industry professionals to produce your song and get it sounding just right to be heard worldwide!
7.) Get Psyched! – Your song will be danced to all around the globe in honor of World Kindness!

Ready to go? Awesome! Make sure your song is…

  • Recorded – a link to your song streaming will do!
  • Has lyrics that reflect kindness, compassions, empathy, unity etc.
  • Danceable! Check out past DFK anthems here.
  • An original work
  • Has a title (creativity helps!)

Enter the contest here!


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