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Like the rest of you, we’re sitting here on a mid-July Monday afternoon wondering where the first part of the summer went. Fortunately, we’ve got some good news for you: our Summer Jams 2015 TuneCore Artist Compilation has launched on Amazon Music and it’s available for free download!

Romantic hammock between palm trees

Whether you’re tired of the radio hits this season or you’re just hungry for more new, independent music, Summer Jams 2015 is sure to lift your spirits. Bump it at work, blare it on a boat, rock it by the water – however you choose to enjoy it, we’re confident it’ll quickly become the soundtrack for the rest of your summer.

Download the whole 35-song compilation on Amazon Music today for free. See the track list below:

1. “Half Of It” by Shannon LeBrie
2. “Convertible (feat. Gabrielle Lavinia)” by Witness
3. “Vintage” by High Dive Heart
4. “On a Flame” by That Boy Genius
5. “Lost in the Crowd” by First Decree
6. “Ball Game” by December Rose
7. “How Far You Wanna Go” by Denny Strickland
8. “Unlimited (Jus Grata Remix)” by Liza Fox & Jus Grata
9. “Sunny (feat. Playa P)” by Cadallac
10. “You & I” by d?d?p
11. “We Belong Together” by The Modern Age
12. “Car Door” by Face Value
13. “Catch the Fever” by Lesley Jorgensen & Andy Haldane
14. “West Coast Cowgirl” by Caleche Ryder
15. “Smith Street (feat. Paul Witty)” by the Wild Highs
16. “Summer Love (Original Mix)” by DJ Ross tha Boss
17. “Sympathetic Woman” by John Krueger
18. “I Want To Love You” by the Amber Season
19. “Sunshine State of Mind” by Brian Rhea
20. “Eternal Summer” by The Whiskey Reverb
21. “Don’t Make Me Feel Bitter” by Bellobosca
22. “Crazy Little Lover” by A+R
23. “Southern Love” by Novel
24. “Sun Kissed Sky” by iamsleepless
25. “Brinka” by Two Cheers
26. “I’ll Do What I Want” by Still Eighteen
27. “Blind The Sun (feat. Lydia Lyon & Garret Julian)” by 3 Fifs
28. “When Love Came to Town” by The Joe Wentz Project
29. “Charter Time” by The New Investors
30. “Come Back Down (feat. Michael Corby)” by S1mple
31. “Runaround” by Newborn
32. “Backseat” by Rey Fonder
33. “Make Me Over (Doctorz MD Vocal)” by Sheena Rose
34. “South Side (feat. Chill Tha Gr8)” by Fancy
35. “All These Girls”by Envy

Thanks to all TuneCore Artists who submitted. Now, go out there and enjoy the rest of your summer!


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