Amazon Music has long been a place for TuneCore Artists to sell their music to fans. A legendary innovator in the e-commerce space, Amazon has amassed a loyal population of users and sellers and continues to update the way people can consume everything from digital and physical music to home supplies and clothing.

Recently, Amazon announced the launch of its brand new “Amazon Music Unlimited” service that allows subscribers to access and stream millions of songs ad-free and download tracks/albums to make them available offline. This is a big step for Amazon Music, and we’re thrilled that TuneCore Artists are being presented with one more way to make their music available to fans.

The following Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions will be available to customers in the US:

·         Individual subscriptions will be available for $9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually with discounts for Prime Members
·         Alexa Single Device subscriptions will be available for $3.99 monthly

What does this mean for TuneCore Artists who have already submitted their releases to Amazon Music in the past?

You’re covered! Any singles, EPs, or albums you’ve distributed to Amazon Music via TuneCore will be made available to Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.

How is Amazon Music Unlimited different from Prime Music?

Prime Music, which is made available to annual subscribers of Amazon Prime, allows users to listen ad-free to over a million songs and hundreds of expert-programmed playlists. As a whole, Prime Music is curated by Amazon’s staff, whereas Music Unlimited will act as a streaming service giving users access to stream albums and tracks from all artists who distribute music to Amazon Music.

Where can I learn more about Amazon Music Unlimited?

Still got questions? Head over to our helpful TuneCore Knowledge Base or Amazon to learn more about this new streaming service.

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