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Happy Hump Day! On this day in random 2008 music history, rock legends Radiohead climbed to the top of the U.S. charts with their (in this editor’s opinion) phenomenal release, In Rainbows. Not only did they decide to focus on their instruments again, this album changed the way bands (and eventually other creators) looked at releasing content to their fans: the band offered it online for a ‘Name Your Price’ model. Cheers to innovation! Now, here’s another line up of awesome TuneCore Artist music videos:

Mannywellz, “Making of ‘Wrong Place’ (BTS)”

Prids, “Do I Look Like I’m In Love?”

Stephen, “Crossfire”

Ezra Collective, “Enter The Jungle”

Goldyard, “MXE (feat. Young Lyxx & Jarren Benton)”

Lolo Zouaï, “High Highs to Low Lows”

Forever In Your Mind, “Smooth”

Porcelan, “Real Thing Don’t Change”


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