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Happy Slowest Day in the Middle of the Week! When you find your afternoon creeping by like molasses, TuneCore is here to distract you with great music videos from our massive community of independent artists. Also, would you ever have known that on THIS DAY in music history, the legendary metal group Motley Crue officially crue’d up and began their reign of rocking into the next decade. So maybe, just pretend that your Thursday will be even a tiny percentage of how cool it was to be Motley Crue for like, an hour. It’ll be here soon! For now…


Sheff G, “Welcome Home”

Northern National, “Love Is Fire”

Clairo, “Flaming Hot Cheetos”

Femke, “Call This”

The Walters, “I Love You So”

$UICIDEBOY$, “Paris”

Bryce Fox, “Horns”

Yomil y El Dany, “Pa’ Que Me Llamaste”


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