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Another Wednesday is upon us, so TuneCore is here to showcase some of the talented members of our artist community by way of their awesome music videos. It provides  the perfect distraction for a long, boring Wednesday afternoon. Fun fact this Wednesday, April 18: back in 1985 on this day, Wham! (yes, this Wham!) were the first ‘Western pop act’ to get their album released in Mainland China. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Even indie artists not named George Michael can use TuneCore to get their music up and streaming in Mainland China quickly and easily!


Cort Carpenter, “What Were We Drinking”

Kendra Kay,”I Take My Country”

Hudson Moore, “Just Wanna Love You”

Timothy Bloom, “Burden’s Song (feat. Maurice Brown & Fredric Yonnet)”

Myles Erlick, “Midnight”

Jeffrey Foucault, “Hurricane Lamp”

Zoewithdaflow, “Juice (feat. #DirtyGang)”

Danny K, “Lavash”

HelloNegro, “Together Forever”

CupcakKe, “Spoiled Milk Titties”


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