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We meet again, Wednesday Afternoon. You may linger and drag on, but we’re here to combat the sleepiness you induce on too many innocent people – and we’re doing it so with a healthy dose of TuneCore Artist music videos. Also today, we’re celebrating and bowing down to the legendary Robert Moog – inventor of the synthesizer! Born on this day in 1934, Moog built his first stab at an electronic instrument – a theremin – as a 14 year old, and would go on to introduce millions of musicians to the MiniMoog in 1970. Synth on, people!

Brick + Mortar, “Great Escape”

Diagonal Lines, “Absolutely Yours”

Shel, Gareth Dunlop, “Hold On”

Emily Hackett, “Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)”

Kevin Fowler, “Sellout Song (feat. Zane Williams)”

JJ Heller, “Who Are You”

Dancing On Tables, “Body”

Reece Wiltshire-Fessey, “I Do”

Birdtalker, “Graveclothes”


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