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Happy Wednesday, people! As you sit slumped over your laptops or phones, wondering when this day will end, consider that on this day just 17 years ago in 1991, you could have been attending the FIRST EVER Lollapalooza Tour (that’s right kids, it used to tour before Chicago claimed it as its own!). Pretty serious lineup out there in Phoenix that included Henry Rollins, Jane’s Addiction, and TuneCore’s own Nine Inch Nails. That woulda been sweet, right? Anyway, here are some TuneCore Artist music videos to boost morale and distract:

Courtney Cooper, “Only Love”

Nakia, “Whipping Post”

Mila Jam, “Thrive”

To Whom It May, “Calculate”

The Breton Sound, “Illuminate”

Daniella Mason, “Nightshapes”

SOLARSUNS X IOLITE, “Better Without You”

Colin & Caroline, “Perfect Storm”

Alexa Melo, “Dope Sick”

The Veer Union, “Numb (Acoustic) [Linkin Park Cover]”


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