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Happy Wednesday once again, friends! We’re back delivering up some awesome TuneCore Artist music videos – new and not so new – to remind you of the insane audio visual talent that exists in our robust indie community. Speaking of music videos and rock history, today happens to mark the 16th filming anniversary of the “Creep” music video by a then-lesser known band called Radiohead in 1992. The song would go on to explode only after being re-released the next year.

Meresha, “My Love Has Come”

Western Youth, “Hangin’ On”

Planes On Paper, “Television”

Anderson Alley, “Social Side Effects”

Andrew Belle, “Down”

Escondido, “Try”

Sun Seeker, “Night’s Alright”

The Brevet, “Moving Mountains”

The Gray Havens, “Band of Gold”

Katie Barbato, “The Art of Falling”


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