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Another Wednesday dawns upon us and we’ve got a great line up of TuneCore Artist music videos that span time and space. Or, at least genre. And just in case you thought YOU were having a lousy afternoon, think about ole John Lennon who on this day, back in 1973, was beginning litigation against the U.S. government for allegedly tapping his phone! (They probably were, John, sorry.) Anyway, enjoy these vids!

Goldyard, “Cosby Kids”

Bexley, “Run Rabbit Run”

Double Magnum, “Cascade”

Lonas, “High School Kids”

David Huckfelt, “Stranger Angels”

Dancing On Tables, “Missing”

Belle Mt, “Hollow”

Chase$tacks, “50 Bars”

The Brevet, “So Long”

Sun Seeker, “Night’s Alright”


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