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Happy Wednesday once again, artists and video lovers alike! Before we dive into each week’s dizzying array of awesome music videos from TuneCore Artists, we always like to tie in some interesting musical history. Well, today we’ll be combining that with a little #WednesdayWisdom for you artists out there that may feel their time has passed, or that their age matters in terms of the music they’re creating. Why, you ask? Because on this day 19 years ago, the legendary Tom Jones landed a #1 UK record at the age of 60, well after his time in the sun. While we’re not suggesting that 60 is “elderly”, it’s a pleasant reminder that age is nothing but a number! Now onto those vids…

Dancing on Tables, “OH”

Alex Hall, “Tear Me Apart”

The Veer Union, “Living Not Alive”

Zayde Wolf, “Rule the World (feat. Sofie Dossi)”

Lost Beach, “Classless Man”

LIEZA, “Arcade Lover”

Mary Bragg, “Wildfire”

Walker Montgomery, “Simple Town”

TYLERxCORDY, “Aqua Blue Honda”

DJ Trauma, “Extra Attention (feat. Oli)”


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