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Happy Wednesday, and if you celebrate, Happy Halloween! We’re skipping the music history lesson on this week’s round up of TuneCore Artist music videos, and instead just celebrating the SpOoOoOkY holiday. Once you’re done enjoying these videos, we suggest moving onto a healthy diet of “Halloween” by the Misfits, “Monster Mash” by whichever of you favorite artist(s) did a cover at some point in their long careers, and candy corn. Spook on!

Mr. Trap Bop (aka DJ Willy WOW!), “Trap Clown”

Sshyaam, “If You Were With Me”

Sarah Clanton, “We Belong”

Marc Martel, “Unchained Melody”

Anthem Lights, “Just Fall”

Anya Marina, “All The Same To Me”

Modern Monet, “Blonde Horse”

VEAUX, “Help Me Help You”

Lowland Hum, “Salzburg Summer”

Montgomery Gentry, “Get Down South”

K. Smyllz, “Red Light”


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