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Happy last-Wednesday-of-November! Heading into the colder months, we reflect back on the hilarity of The Shangri-Las’ “Leader Of The Pack” being banned by the BBC due to its coverage of death in its lyrical content. On this day in 1964, it went to Number One on the U.S. Singles Chart, nevertheless, and the ban was eventually lifted across the Atlantic several years later. From there, it jumped around ALL over the charts between ’64-’76 – so, death or no death, cheers to its longevity! Now for your weekly round up of TuneCore Artist music videos:

Gatson, “Bulletproof”

Sucre, “Move With the Tide”

Larry gEE, “Losing You”

The Undercover Dream Lovers, “Start Over”

Melo Makes Music, “Murphy’s Law”

Rebecca Moreland, “Beat Back”

Phillip Larue, “Chasing the Daylight”

Kuami Eugene, “Walaahi”

David Huckfelt, “You Get Got”

Kane Miller, “Could It Be”


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