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Happy Wednesday! We’re coming at you with another wonderful line up of TuneCore Artist music videos from across the genre-verse. But not just that, we’re saluting the late legendary French artist/actress Édith Piaf, who was born today in 1915. While she didn’t stick around long enough to become a TuneCore Artist, all of her music can be found on our partners’ platforms for modern day enjoyment!

shye., “Wither”

Lexanna, “Holdin My Breath”

David Huckfelt, “You Get Got”


Bexley, “Run Rabbit Run”

Righteous Vendetta, “The Fire Inside”

Tripet Garielle, “Aa Vee Jaa”

Money Mu, “Hittin”

DJ Willy Wow, “Frosty The SnowJam!”


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