Happy Hump Day! We’re back with another fantastic line up of TuneCore Artist music videos from across the genre-sphere. And as always we’re finding a reason to look back on this day in music history – this week we’re acknowledging Tina Turner, who on this day in 1988 broke a world record by performing to an audience of 182,00 in Rio De Janeiro! Oddly enough, exactly two years to the day, her husband Ike would be picked up for driving under the influence of– well, let’s focus on the positive here. Shout out Tina!

Dwayne Shivers, “Particular Times (feat. Fat Tony)”

Jared & the Mill, “Soul in Mind”

MILKK, “Thinkin Bout U”

The Dove & the Wolf, “Queens”

Dancing On Tables, “OH”

Jetty Rae, “Kerosene”

Alicia Enstrom, “Don’t Stop (Remix)”

Ian Ferguson, “State of Gold”

SaulPaul, “Home (feat. 123 Andres)”


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