Wednesday Video Diversion: June 5, 2019

June 5, 2019

Happy Wednesday once again, folks! This week we’re back with another round-up of TuneCore Artist music videos to distract and delight. We’re also celebrating the fact that on this very date just 55 years ago, the late great David Bowie released his first ever single! It was “Liza Jane” and credited to Davie Jones with the King Bees, but the future laid out for him and his still-too-recent passing make any such occasion quite significant! Give “Liza Jane” a listen this week in celebration of Bowie!

Kelleigh Bannen, “Happy Birthday
Shayla Souliere, “Screw U
The Brevet, “Embers”
Lexanna, “Holdin My Breath”
Freewill, “Just Like You”
Emily Hackett, “Good Intentions”
MYZICA, “Wait Just a Minute”
Zayde Wolf, “Rule the World (feat. Sofie Dossi)”
TRIDDANA, “When The Enemy’s Close
Oceana, “Far Away (feat. Leon Taylor)”

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