This COVID thing affects us all. It’s a weird time and unprecedented action has to be taken, and that mainly entails staying put to avoid the chances of spreading it any further. We’re doing our best to keep encouraging artists to work on their craft, develop marketing tactics, engage with fans, and, well, basically just stay sane during this time of self-quarantine.

Our friends at Sonicbids have taken it one step further by launching their Stay The F*ck Home Festival! Adopting the recently trending hashtag that encourages everyone to stay home and ‘flatten the curve’, Sonicbids has opened up a virtual showcase for artists to perform online.

And the best part about it? Whether you’re an artist performing or you’re a fan spectating, you can do so from the comfort of your living room.

Starting this Friday, March 27th, a select group of artists will be performing one to three songs from their remote location, and broadcast it live via Zoom to fans and industry professionals. This will be a weekly event.

Partnering with CEG, Launch Global and Backline, Sonicbids introduced the virtual showcase as an opportunity to strengthen the music community and do its part to give creative opportunities to artists and keep fans engaged with live music.

TuneCore Artists are encouraged to apply! Click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for Friday, March 27th have closed, but artists are encouraged to apply for future dates.

Just looking to watch? RSVP to catch the live stream this Friday here.

To learn more about the Stay The F*ck Home fest, check out this week’s event on Facebook.


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