Amanda Palmer, Independent Musician

On September 11, Amanda Palmer—AFP to fans and friends—will release Theatre is Evil with TuneCore providing digital distribution. If you don’t know Amanda Palmer, you should; the successes of her career can serve as inspiration for many DIY performers.

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Rdio increases catalog to over 18 million songs; adds TuneCore and other new partners

Rdio increases catalog to over 18 million songs; adds TuneCore and other new partners. The partnerships with top independent music aggregators connect over a quarter-million artists to fans in 13 countries

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Gadgets We Like: Makes Spotify A More Social Experience

Are you a big Spotify listener? is a free app for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch that turns Spotify into a more social experience. With the app you can create a listening room for playlists you’ve created, or check out some of the public rooms to hear specific types of music and hang with thousands of music fans.

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Double Your Income… No Really

By Ari Herstand

When you’re on tour, merch is your #1 income generator. This can’t be stressed enough. Believe it. Bands stress over their guarantees and door splits and turnouts. If you want to survive financially with your music you must understand the importance of merch sales and approach it as such. I’ve played shows where 10 people showed up, but they had such an amazing time and I stressed the merch to them that all 10 people bought something averaging about $15. That’s $150 in merch sales. That’s good for any night.

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#TCVideoFridays – August 10th 2012

It’s #TCVideoFridays today on TuneCore! Check out a few awesome videos from some talented TuneCore Arists.

But first, a quick reminder! TuneCore can distribute your videos to iTunes. For more info, click here or contact

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SoundCheck Results: Should U.S. Artists Receive Neighboring Rights Royalties?

Last week we asked readers if they believe U.S. artists should receive neighboring rights royalties. Check out the results…

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The Three Licenses Holding Back The Music Industry

By Jeff Price

At first glance, one would not think it would be that complex to get the three licenses necessary to sell or stream music on-line, the reality is it’s not only one of the most confusing things to get a handle on but it is also the bottleneck stopping the music industry from reaching its full potential.

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