Wednesday Video Diversion: January 6, 2015

It’s a new year, TuneCore Artists and music video lovers! What are you resolutions? Whether you’re quitting soda, joining a gym, or dropping a bad habit, all we ask is that you don’t give up your insatiable appetite for amazing visuals courtesy of our TuneCore Artist community!

Lauren Marsh, “Stranger”

Chuck Johnson & Charlyhorse, “8 Ft. of Water (Katrina)”

The Wealthy West, “I’ve Got To Go”

KXC, “The Father’s Love”

WNBA Jam, “Barrel”

Mike Annuzzi, “Paradise”

C.G., “Million Way (ft. 2Piece & Bham Jay)”

Eden Warsaw, “Dream of Beaches”

Futuristic & Devvon Terrell, “Roll Up”

The Seige, “Natalie Portman (ft. Cheat Codes)”

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 30, 2015

What’s that, you say? It’s the LAST Wednesday Video Diversion of the YEAR?! Well, bottoms up folks. There’s a good chance you’re not in the classroom or the office this week, but there’s an even better chance you need some sort of audio visual stimulation to keep from getting bored. We’ve got the remedy – see you in 2016!

Mario Ruiz & Omar Cruz, “Good Boy Killa”

Fossil Collective, “Let It Go”

Benny Bugz, “Scream (A Tale Of Two Cities Remix)”

K. Sparks, “Sunshine”

Celebration Worship, “You Amaze Us”

L.A. Funk Corporation, “Vertigo (Let’s Get Down Tonight)”

Dan Dyer, “While I Rest in a Cabin”

Polyenso, “Soda Pop Fiction”

A Silent Film, “Lightning Strike”

David Lei Brandt, “Latch”

Wednesday Video Diversion: November 25, 2015

Happy Wednesday-Before-Thanksgiving to all of our artists in the states! And happy Wednesday-in-the-end-of-November to all else! Whether you’re getting ready to house some turkey or you’re just browsing the blog for a distraction, we’ve got some great videos for you either way! Check ’em out after the jump.

Talkie, “Mountain”

Dustin Ruth, “Hush Baby”

Steven Monsalve, “Apple Girl”

Stick Figure, “Fire On The Horizon”

SWMRS, “Miley”

Ron Pope, “Bad Intentions”

Kero Uno, “Princess Diamond (feat. Kelsey Bulkin)”

AD Teflon Don, “I Love Puerto Rico”

T-Dhurr, “2 Nationz (ft. Hussein Fatal)”

Kero One, “In All The Wrong Places”

Wednesday Video Diversion: November 11, 2015

Happy Wednesday, and most importantly in the U.S., Happy Veterans Day! We know there are plenty of musicians who have served or are currently serving in the military, and we’re thankful for their service. Enjoy these videos from TuneCore Artists as you continue to enjoy your afternoon.

Oceans Red, “Home”

Audrey Karrasch, “Eupohoria”

Puscifer, “Money Shot”

Alexa Melo, “Bleach”

The Reasn, “Blue Flame”

Deap Vally, “Royal Jelly”

KNOWER, “Hanging On”

Detuned Kytes, “Waterfall”

Gyasi Ross, “She (feat. Sandra Martin)”

Hugh Lee, “Trippin'”

Wednesday Video Diversion: September 30, 2015

It’s the last day of September! Or maybe you’ve just discovered the perfect musical distraction to keep you from whatever it is you should be doing on a Wednesday afternoon? Either way, we encourage you to celebrate the most mediocre of weekdays with a great round-up of videos from TuneCore Artists after the jump…

Celeste Buckingham, “Unpredictable”

Julia Nunes, “Something Bad”

September Mourning, “Children of Fate”

Dex Osama, “Clean Up Man”

Tei Shi, “Bassically”

Atlas Grind, “You Never Know”

Dirty Dishes, “Red Roulette”

Slim Jesus, “Drill Time”

Nikki Tino, “Shake That LaLa”

Old Man Canyon, “Phantoms & Friends”

Wednesday Video Diversion: September 16, 2015

Happy Wednesday Afternoon, world! We’re back again with a heavy hitting round of TuneCore Artist videos to take you away from whatever work you were hoping to get done today. We’re thrilled to feature three artists, (Panda  Elliot, Frances Cone, and Grace Weber), who are playing our second-ever TuneCore Live Brooklyn showcase tonight at The Living Room in Williamsburg. Come on out if you like what you here (and see)!

Frances Cone, “Better Man”

Panda Elliot, “Misterioso”

Grace Weber, “Til I Hurt You”

JGivens, “Ignorantro”

The Blackout, “Wolves”

Xenia Ghali, “Live at Zincon 2015”

Moderndog, “Today, Last Year”

Lovedrug, “Spinning Out Of Control”

The Raven Doll, “ไม่ใช่เพลงรัก”

Disciples of Babylon, “Karma”