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Director, Content & Rights Operations

Sean Daley is the Director of Content & Rights Operations at TuneCore.

After receiving his BA in Rhetoric & Popular Music from SUNY Binghamton, Sean joined the TuneCore team in 2010 as an Artist Support Specialist. Sean rose through the ranks of the Operations team, moving up to the Lead Agent of Artist Support, then Manager of Customer Care, Manager of Operations, Director of Operations, and now Director of Content & Rights Operations.

As Director of Content & Rights Operations, Sean strives to provide current and prospective customers best-in-class service by making sure TuneCore is delivering content to stores that adhere to their strict formatting, style, and delivery guidelines. He also oversees the Content Review, Video Rights Management, and Fraud Prevention teams.

Sean takes pride in representing TuneCore’s customer base when it comes to working across the different departments of the company (Product, Technology, Entertainment Relations, Marketing, etc.) to make sure we’re launching the best products and services we can for our artists.

Sean performed in Punk and Hardcore bands throughout high school and college.

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